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zwijać po angielsku:

1. roll up

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2. wrap

Just wrap it up.
I have to wrap my sister's dinner in clingfilm.
Wrap your head in a scarf.
Wrap the wire in electrical tape.
Pretty soon we'd better wrap up this break and get back to work.
Keep the cheeses fresh by wrapping each one individually.
I think it’s going to be cold today; so remember to wrap up warm.
Kubuś wrapped birthday present for Krzyś.
Is it a present? Would you like me to wrap it for you?
wrap up well, it's cold!
Emma wrapped an outsized, fluffy towel around her and walked into the hotel bedroom.
wrap the rope around the winch
Leonora wrapped herself in a large white bath towel
to keep sth under wraps
She wrapped the present and tied it with ribbon.

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3. fold

loose folds of skin
fold one's arms
With great effort she managed to fold one more.
Quickly Sadako tried to fold the paper before she fell asleep.
Fold A-7 in half and stick it together.
His arms are folded tightly over his chest.
A gyrus is a brain convolution or fold of tissue located in the cerebrum.
folds of the dress a fold in the hills folded in mist
prices have increased five-fold
I love dresses with folds.
Every person who wants to do a jump must fold their parachute themselves so that no one else can be blamed if it doesn't open in the air.
I folded the ​letter (in ​half) and put it in an ​envelope. Make a fold ​across the ​centre of the ​card.
A note, folded, on the pillow.
The music filled the stairwell to the third floor where the mute and unforgiving Sarah sat with her hands folded and listened with the door open.
Teach me how to fold a paper crane. I forgot how to fold it.

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