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calendário po angielsku:

1. calendar calendar

The date on the calendar was September 23, 1964.
Where shall I hang this calendar?
day calendar
There were long desks lined up, several pipe chairs, and stuck on the bulletin board were a calendar and several printouts.
The first day of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar is Spring Festival, the most important festival for the people of China.
The twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac come from eleven kinds of animals originating in nature, namely the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, horse, snake, monkey, rooster, dog and pig, as well as the legendary form of the dragon, and are used as a calendar.
What was the gross income in the previous calendar year?
The calendar has many pretty pictures.
I'd like to turn some photos of mine into a calendar. How should I go about it?
Arriving at the end of each year (that is, the last day of the lunar calendar) wasn't just a new day taking over from the previous one, but also a new year taking over from the previous one, and this was called 'first exchange'.
Ljubljana was founded in year fifteen of the Julian calendar.
The calendar featured photos of bikini-clad vixens draped over sports cars.
The calendar says it is 1 May; but the weather doesn’t agree.
Let me just look at the calendar to see if I am free on that date.
Bon, an annual Buddhist event, is from July (or August on the lunar calendar) 13th to the 16th.

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