słownik portugalsko - angielski

português - English

sabor po angielsku:

1. flavor

My favorite flavor is chocolate.
The addition of salt greatly improved the flavor.
I find that I get the best flavor by grinding fresh peppercorns.
Garlic enhances the flavor of meals.
This drink clearly has the same flavor as tea.
This wine is inferior to that one in flavor.
This dish has a strong flavor of garlic.
Korean food is noted for its spicy flavor.
This ​soup doesn’t have much flavor.
Please add lemon flavor to the tea.
This drink's flavor is obviously that of tea.
He sent me sweets with different flavor.
banana flavor
Food may seem to lack flavor or taste too sweet or salty.
Ever the organizer, Reggie separates his Skittles into groupings of the same flavor before he eats them.