słownik portugalsko - angielski

português - English

sal po angielsku:

1. salt salt

There's no salt.
Salt was a rare and costly commodity in ancient times.
Maintaining a high salt diet may contribute to high blood pressure.
We cannot do without salt even for a single day.
Mark is the salt of the earth, so he can be trusted with a secret.
No atheist worth his salt will try to prove that God does not exist.
The bread dough we made in home economics class turned out as salt dough.
We sprinkle salt for purification.
Nagano beat Salt Lake City by 46 votes to 42.
Low-lying lands will flood. This means that people will be left homeless and their crops will be destroyed by the salt water.
I got my mother's goat when I gave her the salt instead of the sugar.
A gargle with salt water is good for coughs.
I was a salt on a rust bucket when I was young.
Cut that out. You're just rubbing salt in the poor guy's wounds.
A man worthy of his salt cannot do such a thing.