słownik rumuńsko - angielski

limba română - English

întârziere po angielsku:

1. delay

In case the shipment is delayed, we have special delay insurance.
If the delay is simply an oversight, will you please take care of it at once?
delayed flight
... was inconclusive, because the delay was too short to...
John Tel is expected to delay the release of its chip set until August.
Every reporter sent his stories with the least possible delay.
I regret the delay in writing to you to thank you for your hospitality on my visit to your country.
Don’t delay leaving – it won’t ease your grief.
Malzahar opens up two portals to the Void which, after a 0.5-second delay, silence all enemies caught between them and deal them magic damage.
Sorry, I was delayed by the traffic. His delay cost the company thousands of dollars. I was delayed by traffic.
There was a delay at the airport because of the fog, but eventually our flight left four hours late.
I hate public transport delays! The plane to Spain was delayed by 2 hours, so we got to our hotel very late.
The period or amount of time during which something is delayed.
But they could not long have delayed her going home.
It has been announced for this year, and so this would not mean too much of a delay.

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2. lag

I've got a bad case of jet lag.
I'm still suffering from jet lag.
I hope that the jet lag isn't going to disturb my sleep schedule too much.
Out Internet connection has time lags.
Employment continued to lag.
We should read the newspaper so as not to lag behind the times.
Whenever I go abroad, I suffer from jet lag and diarrhea.
You have to allow for a time lag between order and delivery.
The train is having a severe lag
The pipes froze because they weren't lagged.
There is often a lag between becoming infected and the first signs of the illness.
I was starting to lag behind.
The screens can still display razor-sharp images with almost zero lag,.
Poland is still lagging behind Western Europe.
Jet lag is more than just feeling tired - on top of that you just don't feel well.

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