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limba română - English

unt po angielsku:

1. butter butter

Have you ever tried feeding your dog peanut butter?
You must buy milk, eggs, butter, and so on.
This butter is domestic, but it is in no way inferior to foreign butter.
How many calories are in 100 grams of butter?
Bread wit butter
The store sells foodstuffs, such as butter, cheese, and sugar.
Each pancake comes with a dollop of suspiciously soft butter in a tiny plastic cup.
Butter, bread and green cheese; whoever can't say that is not an upright Frisian.
Franz boned the fish fillets, then sautéed them in butter, garlic, and lemon juice.
If you want to become big and strong when you grow up, you have to eat a lot of spinach and peanut butter sandwiches.
Virtually all sources of commercial peanut butter in the United States contain minute quantities of aflatoxin.
The deep-fried butter stick is the crowning glory of American cuisine.
The campers made their own bird feeders with pinecones, peanut butter, and seeds. They hung them from trees with fishing line.
I like to spread my sandwiches with fresh, creamy peanut butter.
Blend butter and flour before adding the other ingredients of the cake.

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