słownik rosyjsko - angielski

русский язык - English

иностранные po angielsku:

1. foreign foreign

I like foreign languages.
Japan's gold and foreign exchange reserves stood at $68.9 billion at the end of 1998, down from $77.0 billion a year earlier.
Japan's foreign aid is decreasing in part because of an economic slowdown at home.
How many foreign visitors do you have every year?
Foreign investors backed off because of regional political unrest.
Foreign direct investments in China amounted to $3 billion last year.
Foreign businessmen living in Tokyo often complain of the high prices for imported western food.
Of these, Taoism is a native religion, the others having been introduced from foreign lands.
How should foreign exchange rates be shown? In the foreign exchange market they are displayed centered on the American dollar.
It warms your heart when, while listening to a song in a (seemingly!) foreign language — Slovak, Macedonian, or Slovenian — you hear words that you have known since your childhood and even understand whole phrases.
I've never met anyone who was able to learn how to play basketball just by reading a book. The same holds true for learning foreign languages as well.
In foreign countries, especially in Western countries, students are encouraged to express and develop themselves as individuals.
The Bank of Japan is considered to have conducted a support buying of an estimated $1 billion on the Tokyo foreign exchange market.
While there are some people who use the Internet to learn foreign languages, there are others, living on less than a dollar a day, who cannot even read their own language.
If you pay attention to your foreign friends, you may be surprised that their customs and habits are different from yours.