słownik szwedzko - angielski

Svenska - English

åskådare po angielsku:

1. spectator spectator

I enjoy being a spectator of sports competitions.
I was a spectator at the Wimbledon final this year.
There are nearly a thousand spectators present at the basketball match today.
What's your favorite spectator sport?
There weren't too many spectators in the stadium last night.
The definition of a spectator is a person who watches or observes. An example of spectator is a fan at a baseball game.
Most of the spectators left soon after the end of the match.
spectator's sport
The spectators cheered when Harvey scored the winning goal.
Thirty thousand spectators watched the final game.
I like to talk to my spectators after show.
There was concern when a spectator threw something onto the pitch.
The spectators were surprised by this rollerblading.
Football is the most popular spectator sport in the world.