słownik szwedzko - angielski

Svenska - English

baseboll po angielsku:

1. baseball baseball

I like baseball.
The other day, we chose Yoshida to be the catcher on our school's baseball team.
His favorite baseball team is the Giants, but he also likes the Lions.
In baseball, the pitcher is the player who throws the ball.
You aren't the only one who likes baseball. Tom likes it, too.
Such sports as tennis and baseball are very popular.
A baseball came flying through the window.
Baseball is said to have been invented in Cooperstown in 1839.
Tom can't swim at all. On the other hand, he is a good baseball player.
We played baseball until it was too dark to see the ball any more.
When he returned, he brought a baseball cap and gave it as a present to his friend.
One day in 1906, a newspaper cartoonist named Tad Dorgan went to a baseball game.
You're the only person I know besides myself who doesn't like watching baseball.
Baseball is a popular sport in several Latin American countries.
The manager of the baseball team is very strict. He is good at keeping the players in hand.