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Svenska - English

certifikat po angielsku:

1. certificate certificate

Dorothy passed her French exam and now she's waiting for the certificate.
I got a certificate for completing the course.
She was taken in by that fake gold certificate scandal and lost most of her money.
For people who dislike the idea of giving money, a gift certificate is a good idea.
Let me see your health insurance certificate.
Please attach a certificate of quality.
Upon receiving your Certificate of Eligiblity, please come to the Japanese Embassy in London.
If you don't want to attend classes in the seminar on the topic "Fighting Corruption Inside the Enterprise", you can just pay 200 hryven' and receive the certificate.
After a long wait in line, she was told she should get a certified copy of her birth certificate as identification.
We need to see your birth certificate before you can get a passport.
secondary-school certificate
At the end of the course the students are given a certificate
I'm not satisfied with my certificate.
You’ll get an attendance certificate at the end of the conference (a certificate saying that you attended the conference).
An employer issues a certificate about employement for the bank.