słownik szwedzko - angielski

Svenska - English

fick syn på po angielsku:

1. spotted spotted

We can tie the box with this red spotted ribbon.
He was spotted stealing cookies.
a leopard’s spotted coat
a black and white spotted dress
Please, bring mi that spotted scarf.
A red and spotted white towel, please.
The police spotted him at once as the offender.
... on October 19, 2017, Pan- STARRS spotted an object moving rapidly...
Don’t wear a spotted shirt with a striped jacket.
I find spotted cloaths the prettiest.
I've never worn anything spotted.
When I had the original idea, I spotted a driveway close to a sports stadium. It would have been so convenient if I could have just parked in that driveway rather than in a commercial car park.
Chibatman has been spotted 'flying' through the streets of Chiba dressed a bit like Batman and riding his custom-built three-wheeled Chibatpod.
a spotted skirt
He spotted the same car a few hours latter