słownik szwedzko - angielski

Svenska - English

mötesplats po angielsku:

1. venue

The band will play bigger venues such as theatres and churches.
venue of the reception
The venue for the rock festival will be announced next week, with a variety of places competing for the rights.
The rockstar couldn't perform in the small city because it didn't have a big enough venue to accommodate the audience.
the match will be played at a neutral venue
At the venue we filed in and took our seats
The stadium has been specifically designed as a venue for World Cup matches.
one of the biggest entertainment venues
Do you know the new language conference venue?
The Spencer Café is known as one of the best jazz music venues in the city.
The venue is sold out, which means thousands of ticket holders.
looking at the venue’s seating plan right now and all front row seats are taken.
The exhibition has a modular structure, enabling it to be easily and quickly adapted for a wide range of venues.
Maybe this is not a proper venue to discuss such philosophical issues.
There are lots ofgreat venuesin London