słownik turecko - angielski

Türkçe - English

paket servisi po angielsku:

1. takeaway takeaway

I orders dish takeaway.
I don't feel like cooking. Let's get a takeaway for dinner.
That’s the takeaway from a forthcoming bookby the journalists Michael D’Antonio, who previously wrote “The Truth About Trump,” and Peter Eisner.
Let's have a takeaway tonight
The takeaway from the conference was how competitive the tourism industry has become.
She has no time to cook so she buys takeaway.
Are we eating out tonight? - No, let's just buy some takeaways and have them at home.
How often do you eat takeaway food?
Last night I had a takeaway meal from the local Chinese restaurant.
There's a Chinese takeaway at the bottom of my road selling the best food in the area.
I got takeaway sushi from a restaurant called Itsu.
watching TV with a takeaway. of course a takeaway cause I can't cook anything.
More and more people depend on takeaways for their meals.
Tonight I feel like ordering a takeaway and watching a movie at home.
There's no point starting a shop selling take-away lunches; there are already plenty.