słownik turecko - angielski

Türkçe - English

rehin po angielsku:

1. pledge pledge

I made pledge to.
He will pay 15.66zł-million of the pledge, and his name will remain on two halls and an auditorium.
We'd all been at school together for 12 years and at our leaving celebrations we pledged eternal friendship.
Pledge allegiance to the national flag.
We believe the goverment to have a duty to stand by its pledges.
Thousands of people made pledges (= promised to give money) to the charity campaign.
In the meantime, Taiwan has pledged EUR 42 million of relief for the earthquake victims.
to pledge somebody to something
The locals pledge 10$ for every hour a couple dances.
The actor has pledged to give a million dollars to charity if we raise just $100,000 first.
I pledge him my allegiance and offer my services as his second. / Japan has pledged $100 million in humanitarian aid.
who had been present at her birth, admired her beauty and pledged to marry the baby.
The sense of the pledge as debt implied by both translations suggests that the vow or promise is predicated on a loss already inscribed in the speech act.
I'm impressed by Toby's pledge but I don't think I could live like a student my whole life!
I give you this ​ring as a pledge of my ​everlasting ​love for you. Both ​sides have pledged to end the ​fighting.