słownik wietnamsko - angielski

Tiếng Việt - English

bom tấn po angielsku:

1. blockbuster blockbuster

“Avatar” is a recent blockbuster.
Harry Potter was a blockbuster.
His film is the latest Hollywood blockbuster.
I'm always skeptical about Hollywood blockbusters.
Each of the Harry Potter films has become a huge blockbuster.
It's a real blockbuster.
a blockbuster film
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest film is another blockbuster, so riveting and exciting that it will keep you fixated throughout.
Stallone's new blockbuster should make at least 150.000 K's.
This new blockbuster book should conquer many readers.
You say what?! One of my childhood's favourite Saturday morning cartoons has been remade as a Hollywood blockbuster movie? Man, I'm getting old...