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Respiratory sytem 1
Law-trial, hearing
Respiratory system 2
Respiratory system 3
Criminal Law – Prawo karne
Criminal Law – Prawo karne 2
Code of Civil Procedure – Kodeks Postępowania Cywilnego
Court proceedings – postępowanie sądowe
Main principles of civil proceedings
Kwestia sprawiedliwości, wyroku/osądu,
Home - education in the UK (article)
Education intermediate level
Personality osobowość
Houses / Domy poziom średniozaawansowany
Describing people - age, height and build, hair, general adjectives
Money NeEnglish File intermediate
Osobowość - na zajęcia z polskiego
music service
legal professions
light form bottle
How I trained my husband
body parts
projects projekty
intellectual property law
projects - business result upper unit 3
Motivation Business Result upper-intermediate
NEF Get stressed, stay young AND palmist
Different nations
keeping track
Air travel
Kobiety, zakupy
Handling calls
making calls
Business Result pre unit 2 Kontakty biznesowe
Better English Lessons - Useful Expressions 1
First impressions
Business Expressions 1 from better-english
Promises New English File unit 3
Taboos and Issues - Harassment
New ideas Business Result upper
greys of shade
Business Result pre-inter unit 4 New products
Noting to Envy Barbara Demick
Business Expressions 4
Sleep deprived NEF upper
The Devil in the White City
Business Result upper unit 5 customer service
Business Result employment pre-inter unit 5
Making decisions Business Result upper
Business Result pre-inter unit 5 Discussing progress
travelling business result pre unit 7
How the English dress New English File
English in Use The marketing mix
Most divorces due to household chores
World Wonders New Headway inter
Business Finance - capital, revenue, financial statements
The Ice Princess
Business Result pre inter unit 1
Berlinale/Rape in Polish schools
child-free seating/nuproject/rape in PL schools
Hapi fork Breaking News
Rape in Polish schools / Breast cancer
Yahoo/ Leftover women/Tweeter
Polish youth/Leftover women/FB app
Surrogate mother
Belly ballot/Walesa/Hookup
Surrogate mother - advanced version
Traffic Ticket from ESL Lab
Easter - hot cross buns recipe
Mexican barbie, Underwear, Outsourcing to India
Gry dla dorosłych
Różne słówka
Twitter and compliments/ Google and anorectics
books June 2013
cheerful business women/game for women/activist in jail
Adjectives quiz
Bribery and corruption
Eggs in Death Valley
Motivation Business Result upper FILM
Career Business Result
Rock group banned from Russia
Facebook "selfies" can harm relationships/ Spoon in pants
Health insurance/Bloody brands
Defined lines - song
Moscow Calling
Company law 1
Company law 2
Accounting policies and standards
Can you read people's emotions?
Decal/Space/Justdelete. me
2013 10 13
Business Result Unit 14 video
In Company interm. Making contacts
Wardrobing (breakingnewsenglish.com)
50 ways to leave your lover
Accounting assumptions and standards
Survey reveals management pet hates (6th May, 2013)
Disabled son
Independence day clashes
Bloody brands
Job interview part 1
Compensation culture
Lesson one
Food NEF intermediate
The Economist 07-12-2013

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