Funny Russian words and expressions

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много бабок
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a lot of money
The word "бабки" means "grandmothers" but criminals use it to talk about money.
начистить кому-то репу
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to beat somebody
Literally translates as "to peel a turnip".
любовь зла, полюбишь и козла
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love is blind
Literally translates as "love is evil, you may fall in love with a goat".
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expresses dissapointment
Literally translates as "pancake".
вешать лапшу на уши
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to lie
Literally translates as " to hang noodles on the ears".
псу под хвост
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about something that was done in vain
Literally translates as "under a dog's tail".
гвоздь программы
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the main thing/person of the show
Literally translates as "the nail of the program".
хлопать ушами
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to not be attentive
Literally translates as "to clap the ears".
уши вянут
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used when you hear something rude or stupid
Literally translates as "the ears are wilting".
показать, где раки зимуют
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used as a threat
Literally translates as "to show where the lobsters spend the winters".
взять кого-то за яйца
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used as a threat
Literally translates as "grab someone's eggs".
руки не доходят
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to be too busy to do something
Literally translates as "hands do not walk".
да нет, наверное
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an unsure "no"
Literally translates as "yes no, probably".
ноги в руки и вперёд
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go ahead
Literally translates as "take the feet in the hands and go".
зуб давать
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to promise
Literally translates as "to give a tooth".
мне фиолетово
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I don't care
Literally translates as "It's violet to me."

What are the main reasons to learn Russian?

Learning Russian is a great brain exercise! Even if the alphabet is different from that in English, the Russian words are pronounced exactly as they are written in most of the cases, which makes things easier! Russian is the perfect language for those who are passionate about travelling. Some basic Russian will help you find the way or order something in a Russian speaking country. Russian culture is very different and fascinating at the same time! If you will learn Russian in advance, you will have the opportunity to speak to locals and discover their culture from within. Russian literature is very famous worldwide! Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Pushkin... these are just some of the authors of brilliant novels. Learn Russian and you'll discover why is this language so special!

Learn some funny Russian phrases

This is the perfect lesson for those who want to know some basic Russian. This flashcard lesson will introduce you to some common Russian idioms, whose meaning is very different from what you suppose. These funny Russian sayings will be useful to understand the natives and to learn to speak as they do. With the use of these Russian sayings, you will realize that the word grandmother in Russian has another unexpected meaning :) Also, the Russian phrases will explain what does blin mean in Russian. One of these cool idioms will help you understand the rak meaning. These Russian expressions include sayings that don't make sense if you translate them literally but have an interesting meaning if you use them as the natives do. Learn these Russian idioms and funny Russian phrases to impress the locals with your knowledge! Use these common Russian phrases and the fun Russian idioms next time you visit Russia! To learn more about the Russian culture, take a look at our other Russian lessons, for example, the Russian food you need to try lesson will introduce you to some of the masterpieces of the Russian cuisine!

Funny Russian words

Learning some funny Russian words will definitely help you break the ice and make native speakers impressed. You can also simply study funny Russian words to broaden your horizons and get a new perspective on language. Don't hesitate, "Take the feet in the hands and go" learn some amazing Russian expressions!

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