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"À grande e à francesa"
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"Great like the French"
meaning: go big or go home
"Macacos me mordam!"
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Let monkeys bite me!
meaning: to be surprised with something
"Engolir sapos"
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To swallow frogs
meaning: to do something you don’t want to do
"Cão que ladra não morde"
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A dog that barks, does not bite.
meaning: people who are the loudest, most obnoxious, threatening are normally the ones who do not have the guts to actually take actions
“Quem ri por último ri melhor”
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He who laughs last laughs best.
meaning: watch out for the consequences of your bad actions, karma will come
“Mais vale um pássaro na mão do que dois a voar"
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It is better to have on bird in your hand than two birds flying
meaning: it's better to have one good thing than to lose two or more options due to being greedy.
"Cá se fazem, cá se pagam"
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"Here they are made, here they are paid"
meaning: if you do bad actions you will eventually feel the concequences of bad deeds you did
“Quem não arrisca não petisca”
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"Those who do not risk do not snack"
meaning: if you never risk to do something and always remain in you confort zone you will never enjoy success
“Quem vê caras não vê corações”
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Those who see faces do not see hearts.
meaning: people who only care for the aspect of others not their personality, like the english expression "Do not judge a book by its cover."
"Está com a pulga atrás da orelha"
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To have the flea behind his ear
meaning: he/she is looking suspicious
"Acordar com os pés de fora da cama"
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To wake up with the feet off the bed
meaning: someone woke up grumpy / with a bad mood
"Estar com os azeites"
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Being with the olive oils
meaning: To be in a bad mood / angry
"Muitos anos a virar frangos"
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Many years turning chickens
meaning: someone who has a lot of experience doing something
"Tirar o cavalinho da chuva"
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Take the little horse out of the rain
meaning: Don’t count on it! (when you expect something but it will never happend)
"Ter muita lata"
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To have lots of cans
meaning: to have a lot of nerve
"À sombra da bananeira"
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"In the shadow of the banana tree"
meaning: to have no worries
"Cabeça d’Alho Chocho"
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A head of dry Garlic
meaning: someone who forgets things a lot
"Estou-me nas tintas"
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I'm in the inks.
meaning: I don’t give a damn.
"Deus dá nozes a quem não tem dentes"
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God gives nuts to those who have no teeth
meaning: somebody is given something good but does not know how to use it, and you think: What a waste!
"Falar pelos cotovelos"
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To speak by the elbows
meaning: to speak a lot
"Estou feito ao bife!"
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I'm done is to the beef!
meaning: when you have a problem
"Boa/bom como o milho."
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"Good as corn."
meaning: to say someone is "sexy"
"Gira o disco e toca o mesmo."
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Turn the disk and play the same song.
meaning: to talk about the same thing over and over again
"Ir com os porcos."
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"to go with the pigs."
meaning: to say "go die far away" (not literally)
"Pão pão, queijo queijo"
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Bread bread, cheese cheese
meaning: to say something is simple, as bread is bread and cheese is cheese
"Queimar as pestanas"
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To burn the eyelashes
meaning: when someone reads a lot
"As paredes têm ouvidos"
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"The walls have ears"
meaning: whant you say can be overheard
'Diz-me com quem andas e dir-te-ei quem és"
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Tell me with whom you walk and I will tell you who you are
meaning: a man is known by the company he keeps
"Longe da vista longe do coração"
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Far from sight, far from the heart
meaning: out of sight, out of mind, if you don't see something you won't need it
"A curiosidade matou o gato"
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"Curiosity killed the cat"
meaning: someone who is always looking for gossip but can't find anything
"Andar às aranhas"
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"Walking like the spiders"
meaning: to be confused, lost
"Baixar a bola"
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To lower the ball
meaning: to calm down
"A pensar morreu um burro"
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A dunkey died thinking
meaning: to say someone is taking too long thinking

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