12. The word about us

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work all hours
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working around the clock
Reassure the client that we're working around the clock to fix the problem.
neat and tidy
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in good working order
Employees must ensure that the machinery is kept clean and in good working order.
significant amount of knowledge
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good working knowledge of sth
We need someone with a good working knowledge of French.
willing to openly share information
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forthcoming about something
The company is forthcoming about its policy goals.
about to appear or take place; approaching
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the forthcoming elections
that could not succeed; useless
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Jonathan knew it was futile to catch the train once it started moving but he continued to run after it anyway.
unwilling to do sth
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He was reluctant to commit to the additional expense.
acknowledge or admit
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She is very stubborn, she will never concede
A police officer asked him many questions and finally he conceded
based on personal opinion
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subjective opinion
smell of, effuse, emanate
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give off
Your car is giving off a funny smell.
To cause
It can cause serious consequences.
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bring about
It can bring about serious consequences
because of
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on the account of sth
The President declined to deliver the speech himself, on account of a sore throat.
with the purpose of
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in an effort to
In an effort to tackle this problem...
deal with a challenging situation
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face a challenge
The new president knew he'd have to face many difficult challenges
podjąć wyzwanie
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take up a challenge
I knew it was going to be really hard doing a master's degree while working full time, but I was ready to take up the challenge
sprostać wyzwaniu
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rise to a challenge
They rose to the challenge of entertaining 80 schoolchildren for an afternoon.
made a decision
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reach a decision
The jury took four days to reach a verdict.
sustain a decision
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uphold a decision
Upholding a decision by a California appeals court, the Justices rejected all arguments.
uchylić decyzję
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overrule a decision
Manager board may overrule a decision made by another member.
finish something at the time
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meet a deadline
We are still hoping to meet the November deadline.
to be unsuccessful
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meet with little success
The project met with little success.
match expectations
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meet expectations
The company failed to match/meet expectations.
attend a meeting
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make it to meeting
I cannot make it to the meeting.
very nearly
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very nearly
Very nearly 85% of those surveyed said they were in favour of the proposal.
sell out
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run out
we should buy all the bottled water we need now in case the shops run out of it.
no more left
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wiped out
not knowing French
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not knowing a single word of French
make a comparison
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draw a comparison
przyciągać uwagę
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draw attention
Emma likes to draw attention to herself.
a list or a car
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draw up (a list)
i heard the taxi draw out
become ill
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come down with flu

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