Make your child a self-starter 2

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\to help something to succeed; to advance something:
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/ˈfɜr·ðər/, sin. encourage--- She says the money would be a great help in furthering their cause.
Perseverance further.
an occasion when a plan or an idea begins to happen, exist, or be successful:
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Perseverance further. Where does this truth find its fruition?
to be or go before something or someone in time or space:
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It would be helpful if you were to precede the report with an introduction.
In what way exploration should procede any well-informed decisions?
having a lot of knowledge or information about a particular subject or things in general:
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He was well informed and shrewd, with good, calm judgment.
In what way exploration should procede any well-informed decisions?
having or based on a clear understanding and good judgment of a situation, resulting in an advantage:
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It was a shrewd move to buy your house just before property prices started to rise.
something that makes progress or movement difficult or impossible:
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The lack of funds is a major impediment to research.
Do financial constraints have to be a major impediment or an opporunity?
the fact of working hard:
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The city is renowned for its industriousness and education.
The purpuse is to help your child build positive feelings about industriousness.
the activity of buying and selling land and buildings:
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he has found a challenging new job in a real-estate appraisal
the act of examining someone or something in order to judge their qualities, success, or needs:
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The newspaper gave an editorial appraisal of the government's achievements of the past year
. he has found a challenging new job in a real-estate appraisal
l the quality of being good and deserving praise:
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an entertaining film with little artistic merit
Teh boy scout's merit-badge program.
a small piece of metal or plastic with words or a picture on it, that you carry with you or fasten to your clothing or something else, in order to show who you are, that you are a member of a group, etc.:
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To earn badges, Scouts explore different subjects
if someone's eye ... they seem to shine brightly, especially because the person is happy or excited
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Kids won't be good at everything, but once we hit on something that makes a kid's eyes sparkle, we encourage him to pursue it.
something that makes a kid's eyes sparkle
If you ... a plan, activity, or situation, you try to do it or achieve it, usually over a long period of time:
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we encourage him to pursue it.
something that controls what you do by keeping you within particular limits:
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explain the financial constraints
directly and clearly from the start
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up front
Discuss the reward up front so he will know what is required to earn income.
to cut an article or picture from a newspaper, magazine etc
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kids should take part in clipping coupons to save money.
an amount of money that is made up of small amounts given by different people, used by them for an agreed purpose:
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The savings can be put into a kitty for family outings.
the length of time that someone can keep their thoughts and interest fixed on something:
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attention span
Such passive activities promote short attention spans

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