Lesson 11 11/01/2021

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Pytanie Odpowiedź
The TV shows kids' cartoons on Saturday mornings.
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kreskówka; a TV programme or short film, usually a funny one, made using characters and images that are drawn rather than real
Similarly, birthday guests are offered a free mini-dessert sundae to accompany their meal.
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lody z owocami i śmietaną; a food made from ice cream, with pieces of fruit, nuts, cream, sweet sauce, etc. on top of it
He promised faithfully to call me every week.
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obiecać; to tell someone that you will certainly do something
These tasks are urgently important.
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pilnie' in a way that needs attention very soon, especially before anything else, because of being very important
I felt/was hot and thirsty after the basketball game.
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spragniony; needing to drink
I do the Times crossword every morning.
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krzyżówka; a game in which you write words that are the answers to questions in a pattern of black and white squares
pay sb back
Can you lend me a fiver? I'll pay you/it back tomorrow.
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oddać pieniądze; to pay someone the money that you owe them
come back
We've just come back from Amsterdam.
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wracać; to return to a place
The debate about food safety has engaged the whole nation.
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angażować; to interest someone in something and keep them thinking about it
Leave the cake to cool for an hour before cutting it.
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ochłodzić; to become or cause something to become slightly colder
get in touch with somebody
Are you still in touch with any of your old school friends?
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pozostać w kontakcie; to communicate or continue to communicate with someone by using a phone or writing to them
get married
When are you getting married?
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pobrać się; to begin a legal relationship with someone as their husband or wife
call back
She said she'd call back later to pick up that report.
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oddzwonić; to return to a place in order to see someone or collect something
give sth back
Has she given you those books back yet?
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oddać coś; to return something to the person who gave it to you
send back
I had to send the shirt back because it didn't fit me.
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odesłać; to return something to the person who sent it to you, especially because it is damaged or not suitable
take sth back
Is it too small? Take it back and get a refund.
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oddać; to return something you have bought to a shop
We really ought to leave immediately.
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natychmiast; now or without waiting or thinking

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