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Pytanie Odpowiedź
gryzący, cierpki zapach
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pungent smell or taste
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rozważny, roztropny
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we feel we have reached a point where it would be prudent to say that he will not play this season
wykluczać, uniemożliwać
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Wiseman has been recovering from a meniscus repair that he had in April 2021, and recent swelling in his right knee precluded him from continuing on a path to return this season
wojna partyzancka
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guerrilla warfare
Gen Kyrylo Budanov, who predicted Russia’s invasion as far back as November, said Moscow had been unable to “swallow” the country but faced guerrilla warfare should it seek to split it.
gasnąć, grać na zwłokę
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to stall
Due to heavy losses and a largely stalled invasion, Russia has highly likely been forced to reprioritize Wagner personnel for Ukraine at the expense of operations in Africa and Syria.
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He had 34 points, six assists and four steals in his return to the court to lift the Clippers to a stirring, come-from-behind 121-115 win over the Utah Jazz
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The annual Your View survey is an invaluable way to help measure our engagement
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We will adjust accordingly, and most importantly employ a new, simplified approach to taking action that will align plans throughout the organization
zadać, wyrządzić, spowodować (coś złego)
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to inflict
To cause (something injurious or harmful), to a person, group, or area
an attack that inflicted heavy losses; a storm that inflicted widespread damage claws that inflicted a deep wound
wynosić, stanowić
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to amount to
It would amount to a severe blow to Hungary's opposition
wskazówka, podpowiedź
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hint; prompting: The actor was given his cue.
Taking cues from their early records, Bloc Party’s sixth album successfully marries post-punk with dance grooves—and confusingly devotes a lot of its energy to spite.
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Southern Kentucky in the 1980s and 1990s was still a desert of dry counties, and Richmond was the closest oasis for miles.
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a meadow
On 200 acres of Kentucky meadow just outside of Richmond, his vision became a 14,300-square-foot reality.
przegląd, remont kapitalny
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He believed that people were going to rise up against the attempts to overhaul health care and restrict guns
szał zniszczenia
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an eruption of violently uncontrolled, reckless, or destructive behavior:
A deadly rampage can suddenly break out in the big-city suburbs or in a remote little town,
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the PLA fired almost a dozen ballistic missiles on Thursday and made dozens of incursions over the highly symbolic median line.

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