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extremely good
not yet done, solved, or paid/ very great or clear
It was the most outstanding new building constructed in paris for two generation
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Outstanding [adj]
a sudden or quick increase in the number or amount of something
a loud sound and the energy produced by something such as a bomb bursting into small pieces → explode
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explosion [n]
explosion of coloured service pipes/ population explosion in india
مقابل جمع زيادى ايستادن (در دفاع از يك چيز)
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Stand among (a large) crowd
the importance of an event, action etc
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significance [n] of/ for/ in/ to sth
signification [n]: the intended meaning of a word معنى ، مفهوم ، دلالت
DO SOMETHING QUICKLY [transitive] to try to do something difficult very quickly
Climb/ Move Quickly/ Compete/ Mix
with a desperate last-minute scramble to finish the building
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Scramble [v]
Scramble to do something
admired as one of the best and most important
reputable/ famous/ honered
They were chosen to design one of the most prestigious buildings of its day
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prestigious [adj]
not showing any strong feelings, especially not happy ones
synonym: pessimistic, fatalistic, negative/ opposite: upbeat
The opening of Pompidou was a downbeat moment
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downbeat [n]
to say something is bad or useless
The Pompidou Centre had been rubbished by the critics
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rubbish [v]
rubbish as a noun: garbage, trash
a person, job, plan etc that has a good chance of success in the future/ the possibility that something will happen
in prospect/ prospect of doing something/ prospect for/ prospect that
There was no more work in prospect for the architects
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Prospect [n]
situation in which there are a lot of problems that must be dealt with quickly so that the situation does not get worse or more dangerous
crisis of confidence/ midlife crisis/ face a crisis
this was just a passing crisis
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Crisis [n]
exist or work together
→ combination [n]
The Centre, which combined different spaces, proved an enormous success
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combine [v]
happening or done quickly and immediately
The criticts swiftly changed their tune
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Swiftly [adv]
the crisis swiftly changed their tune
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tune [n]
final, ideal
The architects had been driven by the desire for ultimate flexibility for building
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ultimate [adj]
to move towards or nearer to someone or something
[n] / [v]
all the different parts were approached through the same enormous entrance hall
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approach [v]
two things are approached through a hall: the hall makes them nearer
7 PROVIDE SOMETHING [transitive] to provide an area or a group of people with something that is necessary or useful
different parts were served by the same escalator
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serve [v]
The floors hung on giant steel beams providing uninterrupted space
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uninterrupted [adj]
be present in every part of something/ spread through
the image of pompidou pervaded popular culture in the 1970s/ A culture of violence pervades the local police department.
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pervade [v]
to formally ask someone to write an official report, produce a work of art for you etc
commission somebody to do something/
Rogers was commissioned to design a new headquarters for Lloyd’s bank.
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commission [v]
be commissioned to do sth
something which is an improved version of an existing product, system etc
the finished building demonstrated a remarkable degree of refinement
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refinement [n] of
very detailed work that has been done using a lot of skill, so that the result is beautiful./ craft/ art/ handiwork
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craftsmanship [n]
ساخت، صنعت...
to completely change the appearance, form, or character of something or someone, especially in a way that improves it
transform sth (from sth) into sth
the way the original diagram was transformed into a superbly detailed structure was remarkable
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transform [v]
extremely good, excellent
The food was superb./ the way the original diagram was transformed into a superbly detailed structure was remarkable
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superb [adj]
superbly [adv]
very modern
space-age technology/ some criticts suggest that Pompidou should be seen as closer to the 19th century engineering tradition than the space age
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space-age [adj]
very much, extremely
Pompidou has proved immensely influential
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immensely [adv]
strange and unusual, weird
Other buildings may now challenge Pompidou for the title of Europe’s most outlandish work of architecture
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outlandish [adj]
moves in long twisting curves
a long external escalator snaking up the outside
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snake [v] up/ down/ along/ past
to fill a particular amount of space
stay in a place/ fill time/ use/ hold
Family photos occupied almost the entire wall.
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occupy [v]
has enough space for sth
to provide someone with a place to stay, live, or work
He bought a huge house to accommodate his library./ The ballroom can accommodate 400 people.
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accommodate [v]
something difficult or worrying that you are responsible for
something that is carried SYN load
The burden of thirst
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burden of/ on [n]
bear/carry the burden // the tax/financial/debt burden

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