500 most important Italian verbs 26 - 50

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to kill
They killed five people.
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Hanno ucciso cinque persone.
to help
Help me find the keys.
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Aiutami a trovare le chiavi.
to be right
Your fiancé is always right.
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avere ragione
Il tuo fidanzato ha sempre ragione.
to try
Have you ever tried playing tennis?
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Hai mai provato a giocare a tennis?
to put on
Put on your jacket!
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anche: indossare
Mettiti la giacca!
to stop
He stopped to rest a little.
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Si è fermato per riposare un attimo.
to listen
I often listen to the radio.
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Spesso ascolto la radio.
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500 most important Italian verbs(part 2)

Here you will find a list of the translation of the 500 most important Italian verbs, whether they are reflexive, modal, regular, irregular, imperative, common, of motion, basic or conjugate in past tense, future tense or present tense. Keep in mind useful Italian verbs and the most important Italian verbs to know like vedere, visitare, vendere, sapere, dormire, cercare, mancare, finire, venire, stare, essere and avere. Try to learn a new language with Vocapp and different types of verbs, you will find as well some examples of the basic verbs in English to Italian in useful phrases. They are five hundreds in total and you will notice how it will be easy to understand Italian verbs and keep them all in mind!

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