300 most important Russian adjectives 76 - 100

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Chocolate is usually sweet.
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Шоколад обычно сладкий.
I go to the gym to be fit.
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в хорошей форме
Я хожу в зал, чтобы быть в хорошей форме.
Nobody can find the Holy Grail.
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Никто не может найти Святой Грааль.
I'm sure they'll be fine.
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Я уверен, что с ними будет всё в порядке.
Life is not always fair.
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Жизнь не всегда справедлива.
I've never been drunk.
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Я никогда не был пьян.
Many people in Africa are poor.
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Многие люди в Африке бедные.
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Why is it important to learn Russian adjectives?

First of all, let's answer the common question: "What does adjective mean?". An adjective is a word that describes other words. Its position is usually before the pronoun or the noun it describes. In case of Russian, the order of the words in a sentence doesn't always matter or change the meaning of it, that is why a Russian adjective can be positioned before or after the noun it modifies. For example, a "big house" can be either "большой дом" or "дом большой" in Russian. It is important to learn Russian adjectives because they not only make your speaking more colourful and interesting but also more specific. The Russian adjectives will help you describe a thing or a person. As you can see, the importance of the Russian adjectives is incontestable. Just like verbs and nouns, they help you form a specific sentence and enhance your Russian vocabulary!

Learn Russian adjectives

One of the best ways to learn Russian is with flashcards. They make learning Russian easy and assure you remember all the new Russian vocabulary. They are perfect for those who want to learn not only how does the word sound and what does it mean but the way it is written and pronounced. This lesson of Russian adjectives is part of a professional Russian course. It will teach you 300 of the most common and important Russian adjectives explaining how to use them and helping you to remember them. These atributive Russian adjectives will be a great step in learning Russian and enhancing your Russian vocabulary!

Russian adjectives examples

This course will teach you different types of attributive Russian adjectives. You will now know how to describe the age of a person, the value of something, the physical properties, the material it is made of, the quality and not only. You will also learn how is beautiful in Russian. Here are some adjectives examples from the course:
  • 1. огромный = huge
  • 2. тяжёлый = heavy
  • 3. святой = holy
  • 4. медленный = slow
  • 5. страшный = scary

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There are many more great resources on our platform for you to learn Russian. Our linguists work on adding more and more professional Russian courses for you to enhance your Russian vocabulary, while many users create their own Russian lessons to share what they know with others. Some examples of courses you should definitely take a look at are the Russian Words: Top 1000 Nouns and Russian Words: Top 500 Verbs courses. They will complete your knowledge and further improve your Russian vocabulary. Learn Russian online with VocApp and speak to a native in your next trip!

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