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sklep spożywczy
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grocer's, grocery. They didn't have any milk in the grocery store.

półka, regał, konstrukcja do przetrzymywania czegoś
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rack. Remember to keep your luggage on the rack. She put the books on a rack. Hang you coat on the rack.

a shelf. Put it back on the shelf.

Book-keeper, accountant. She met with her accountant at 9:00 p.m., on a bench in town square.




glucose. Then glucose pours into the bloodstream

corn, callus. I have a corn on my foot from all this walking

uciskać np. buty mnie cisną
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pinch. These shoes are pinching my feet

pinch. "I feel like pinching myself to see if I'm real," Bob said. Somebody pinched his arm.

pinch. Add a pinch of salt to the soup

bracelet. She removed her bracelet.

wycieraczka przedniej szyby
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windshield wiper

wycieraczka do butów
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wycierać się
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dry yourself. Your hair is wet. Dry yourself with a towel

drapać się po czymś (np. po nosie)
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scratch at. Football players often scratch at their balls during match.

insynuacja, bezpodstawne twierdzenie
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allegation. No evidence could ever be found to support the allegations

wytrzymywać (np. próbę czasu)
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withstand. Those whose fame have withstood the test of time

przyznać się do czegoś (uznać)
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acknowledge. I acknowledged that it was my fault.

uznawać coś
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acknowledge. Will you acknowledge him as your son?

coriander, cilantro

cumin. These beans need more lemon and a dash of cumin

skandować slogan
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chant. The audience was chanting the winner's name.

timidly. Few people have come out to celebrate, timidly chanting the name of Mr Barrow or waving at the cars driving by

wstrząs (ziemi)
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tremor. The earthquake has ended, but some tremors could still be felt

ogrom, rozmiar np. problemu
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magnitude. He seems not to realize the magnitude of the problem. Our forces cannot repel power of that magnitude

a snowdrift, drift. She went up on top of a 10 feet high drift. He fell into a great snow drift.

zaleta, atut
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asset. From that point of view his inexperience is an asset.

sprzeciwić się komuś, postawić się komuś
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stan up to sb. I know you're scared of your teacher but you have to stand up to him.

wystawić kogoś do wiatru
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stan up sb. - How was the date? - There was no date. She stood me up.

cloth. This cloth will be perfect to polish the table. I wiped the chair with a damp cloth

krótko podsmażyć
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saute. You need to saute these red bells.

płyn do mycia naczyń
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dishwashing liquid, washing-up liquid. Use washing-up liquid to wash a dishes.

gąbka do naczyń
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czochrać, mierzwić, gnieść
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rauffle. He ruffled my hair gently.

ślimak (bez skorupy)
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slug. I saw a lot of slugs in the garden after the rain.

a beard. I'm growing a beard

lap. My dog is sleeping on my lap. The child sat on his mother's lap and listened to the story

skurczyć się
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shrink, shrank, shrunk. His pants shrank when he washed them. Don't wash woollens in a washing machine, because they will shrink.

szurać nogami
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shuffle. He shuffled his feet towards the exit.

chilly. It's quite chilly outside. The day was clear, and slightly chilly.

wyłazić, wypełzać
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creep out.

pull out. He pull out tissue from his pocket.

plątać np. kable, sznurki
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tangle. There was a tangle of cables behind the control panel

to stroke. I stroked her hair. She stroked the back of his head.

mumble. He mumbled something under his breath.

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tag. I hate being tagged. I never tag people after just one conversation.

owl. Owls hunt at night.

chic. This dress is really chic. Everyone on the party had a chic look.


orzech włoski
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a walnut. He gave me a handful of walnuts.

wiedźma (o kobiecie)
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scribble. I made a special wall for the kids to scribble on.


skurcz np. w mięśniach
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cramp. Muscle cramps can have many causes such as dehydration.

tick, check. Please tick the correct answer.

bushes. hey are watching from behind the bush.

deser, pustynia
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dessert, desert

breath, breathe
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breath, breathe

agriculture, farming. We should invest in agriculture because it's developing really quickly. Farming needs to take a positive approach to environmental issues.

in the front of. She sat down at the front. I'm standing in front of this girl in a line.

top up. He topped my glass up with wine

nail. Drive three nails, one on each side and the third in the center.

wytrzeć np. naczynia
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wipe, dry up. Can you dry the dishes, please? Dry the table and put those plates on it. Could you wipe the table?

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