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ZIP, or, ZIP UP. (Sub- - - el cierre). ------------ Hey, Donal make sure you haven’t forgotten to zip up your fly before you go on stage to give your speech. ---------------- ZIP, or, ZIP UP (UK).
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Subir el cierre. to fasten a piece of clothing by using its zip a long metal or plastic fastener, or to help someone close the zip on a piece of clothing they are wearing. (see also: do up).
ZIP, or, ZIP UP ------- Zip your jacket up Quito, it's cold out there. ---------------- zip, or, zip up (UK).
FACE UP TO. (Enfre - - - -, tener que acep- - - algo real). ------ Mom said, It’s time for me that I have to (FAC -) (U -) (T -) the fact that I’m getting older and I have to start taking better care of my body.
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Enfrentar, tener que aceptar algo real. to accept that a difficult or unpleasant situation exists.
If you face up to bullies, they usually leave you alone afterwards. -------- FACE UP TO something... Trump's daughther refuses to "face up to" reality and still believes the project will be a success. ---------------- (face up to) something.
FILL UP. (llen- - -, relle - - - a tope). ----- If you pour a glass of beer for someone, make sure you fill it up to the tope). ---------------- FILL UP.
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Llenar, rellenar a tope. to become full, or to make something become full.
FINISH UP. (Term - en, Ir a d - - en, ir a pa - - en) ------ After working her way around South America, Melany finished up in Mexico City working as an English teacher. ---------------- FINISH UP.
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Terminar en. Ir a dar, ir a parar. to finally be in a particular place, state or situation, especially without having planned it. (see also: end up, wind up).
Jenny drank so much that she finished up in hospital. ---------------- finish up.
FIRE UP. (Encender los ani.) ----- The coach Tucca Ferreti fired up his players with his half-time talk, and they came out and played much better in the second half. ---------------- fire up.
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Encender los animos, poner a alguien, exitado ó enojado. to make someone become excited or angry. (See also: stir up, whip up).
FIRE UP ----- The issues of Donal has fired up civil rights activists. ---------------- fire up.
FIX UP. (Repar- -, acondicio - - - remode - - -). ------- Edgar said, we bought an old house and fixed it up. We painted it and redecorated it and now it looks lovely. ---------------- fix up.
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Reparar, acondicionar, remodelar. to repair or arrange something [e.g. room, house] in order to improve it or to make it suitable for a particular purpose. (see also: do up).
FIX UP ------ Chava had fixed up one of the bedrooms for me to use as an office. ---------------- fix up.
FOLLOW UP. (Segu- - al pendie- - -, dar segui- - - -). ----- Jane told Mike Mastruanny If you meet a potential client, make sure you get their business card and then follow up the initial contact with a phone call the next day. ---------------- follow up.
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Seguir al pendiente, dar segumiento. to do something in addition to what you have already done, in order to be certain of achieving your goal.
FOLLOW UP ----- Hey April, follow up the phone call with a written confirmation. ---------------- follow up.
FREE UP. (Dej- - lib - - algo, dej- - dispon - - algo). ------- Dave Papioly said, we have to stop making some of our models for a while to free up machines in order to fill a huge order for one particular model. ---------------- free up.
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Dejar libre algo, dejar disponible algo. to have time or money available for a particular use by not using it in another way.
FREE UP ------- Jane said, I cancelled my meeting to free up the afternoon to write my report. ---------------- free up.
GO UNDER. (Irse a banc- - -, Irse a quie - - -).------ Felipe's company went under when the economy slowed down, and he had to go back to his old job. ---------------- go under.
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Irse a bancarrota, Irse a quiebra. Irse a pique. if a company or business goes under, it fails financially. (see also: close down, shut down).
GO UNDER ------ The government has refused any financial assistance to stop the company from going under. ---------------- go under.
COME UNDER something. (Estar ba- - algo como tens - - -, ó pre - - -). ------- The government has (come under) a lot of pressure from the media and protest groups to release the committee’s report on corruption. ----------- (come under) something.
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Estar bajo algo como tensión, ó presión. estar en medio del ojo del huracan. to be expose, affected, controlled, or influenced by (something).
COME UNDER something. ------- The president has come under fire for not solving the country’s problems. ----------- come under something.
KEEP UNDER WRAPS. (Mantener bajo secre - - - ó bajo cont). ------- I can’t show anyone the new design yet. We’re keeping it under wraps until the new advertising campaign starts. ---------------- keep under wraps.
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Mantener bajo secreto ó bajo control. if something is keeped under control, people are able to limit it or make it do what they want it to do.
The name of the movie is being "kept under wraps". ---------------- KEEP UNDER WRAPS.

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