Extremely simplified grammar - Grammaire extrêmement simplifiée

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What's Extremely simplified grammar?
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A few simplified rules which shall allow you to form MORE OR LESS correct and understandable sentences.
The position of an adjective
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AFTER the noun
some notable exceptions: petit (small), jeune (young), beau (pretty, beautiful), gros (fat), bon (good), mauvais (bad)
feminine form
an intelligent friend (male) - an intelligent friend (female)
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add "-e" to the noun or adjective in question
many exceptions to this rule though but if a word concludes with "e" it is most likely feminine
un ami intelligent – une amie intelligente
How to form a question? (1)
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main verb + subject + object/the rest
You speak French. -> Do you speak French?
Vous parlez français. –> Parlez-vous français?
question in future tense
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(interrogative word e.g. "who", "when" etc.) + "est-ce que" + subject + conjugated auxiliary "aller" + infinitive
When will he dance?
Quand est-ce qu'il va danser?
How to best learn grammar?
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How to best learn grammar? po angielsku
Remember and use as many correct phrases and sentences as possible in your speaking. And then learn (and remember) the rules.
the most common verbs which go with auxiliary "être" (to be) in passé composé
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aller – to go
entrer - to enter
partir - to leave, to set off
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