Colors in Romanian

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The sun is yellow.
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Soarele e galben.
She had big eyes and red lips.
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Ea avea ochi mari și buze roșii.
I painted my walls orange.
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Mi-am vopsit pereții oranj.
The road was pale gray.
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Drumul era gri palid.
Her necklace is gold.
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Colierul ei e auriu.
The piglet was pink.
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Purcelul era roz.
I bought some purple glasses.
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Mi-am luat niște ochelari violeți.
Her purse has a silver handle.
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Geanta ei are mâner argintiu.
The park is green and clean.
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Parcul e verde și curat.
The milk made the coffee beige.
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Laptele a făcut cafeaua bej.
The clouds were completely white.
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Norii erau complet albi.
The gothic church was made of black bricks.
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Biserica gotică era făcută din cărămizi negre.

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The Romanian colors are the vocabulary basics of this language that you will need to describe things during simple conversations. We created this Romanian word list, that includes all the Romanian colors, so you can work on your Romanian vocabulary and achieve the great results you hope for. These Romanian colors will be useful if you want to shop in Romania or describe something in Romanian. With our lessons, you will finally start speaking Romanian! All you need to do is find 5 minutes daily to go through some of the flashcards and revise the words in Romanian you want to learn, in this case - the Romanian colors. Here are some examples of Romanian colors you will learn:
  • 1. alb = white
  • 2. verde = green
  • 3. roșu = red
  • 4. albastru = blue
  • 5. negru = black

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