Basic Ukrainian for tourists 1

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Pytanie Odpowiedź
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Good morning!
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Доброго ранку!
Good afternoon!
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Доброго дня!
Good evening!
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Доброго вечора!
How are you?
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Як справи?
And you?
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А в тебе?
I’m fine, thanks!
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Добре, дякую!
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Не дуже
My name is...
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Мене звати...
What is your name?
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Як тебе/вас звати?
Nice to meet you!
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Приємно познайомитись!
Рада (fem.)
I’m from...
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Я з...
I am 30.
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Мені 25 років.
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Some reasons to learn Ukrainian now

The Ukrainian language is the official language of the largest country in Europe and is spoken by over 40 million people. Learning Ukrainian will broaden your social cycle if you want to travel to Ukraine and offer you educational opportunities because Ukraine welcomes many students from foreign countries. Ukrainian words are very flexible and have many synonims. It also has lexical similarities with other Slavic languages, which means that by learning Ukrainian you will easily learn Russian or Belarussian. The Ukrainian letters are very different from those we use in English and learning them is a great memory exercise!

Learn the Ukrainian language with VocApp!

If you ever wanted to learn to speak Ukrainian - here is all you need! Our free lessons include basic Ukrainian language phrases that you need to know when traveling to Ukraine. The flashcards will present you the Ukrainian words and their Ukrainian to English translation, so you understand their meaning well and of course, the Ukrainian pronunciation so that you don't have to worry about it anymore! With a bit of effort, you will easily speak Ukrainian and impress the natives! Let's start learning the Ukrainian language together!

Speak Ukrainian in your next trip!

Wandering how to say hello in Ukrainian? Want to learn good morning in Ukrainian? Need to pronounce goodbye in Ukrainian? Our free lesson will teach you the Ukrainian greetings and useful Ukrainian phrases for you as a tourist in Ukraine! You will learn to say thank you in Ukrainian and much more! Use our free lesson as a dictionary during your trip and you will be able to express yourself in any situation. Learn to speak Ukrainian with VocApp and enjoy your fast results!

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