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Someone who is a coward.
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1. chicken 2. chicken livered
What?! You're afraid of ghosts?! I can't believe you're such a chicken.
Short sleep, during the day.
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cat nap
I like taking cat naps in the afternoon.
Someone who doesn't show their feelings.
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cold fish
She wouldn't be a good actress, she's a real cold fish.
A failure.
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dead duck
We shouldn't have taken this credit, it was a dead duck.
It's raining very heavily.
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It's raining cats and dogs!
You are thoroughly wet! Anyway, it's not surprising it's raining cats and dogs.
If you do something in a timely manner you will succeed.
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The early bird catches the worm.
I don't like getting up early, but I force myself to do it. I remember that the early bird catches the worm.
Something everyone knows about but no one talks about.
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the elephant in the room
That fact that he was sacked from his job was the elephant in the room.
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