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zwolennik, oredownik
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zgromadzic, zebrac calkiem sporo
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garner one's share of sth
Wind power has certainly garnered its share of attention in Poland.

ktos, kto w pelni nie wykorzystuje swoich mozliwosci
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Although it has developed some new wind farms, the country is still seen as an underachiever.

wymagac czegos prawnie, wprowadzic obowiazek czegos w zycie
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mandate sth into law
In the early part of this decadw, Warsaw delayed translating a 2009 renewable directive, one that mandated that the cpuntry's renewable energy sources account for a full 15 percent of its energy consumption by 2020, into Polish law.

uniemozliwic, by cos robilo cos
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prevent sth from doing sth
Legislation has prevented subsidies from going to renewable industry, discouraging much-need investors.

This wind energy output greatly lags behind similar sized countries such as Spain.

przeszkodzic (komus cos zrobic)
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Poland has been hampered by poor regulations that would otherwise support a stable development sector.

Długo oczekiwany
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zaprojektowac, przedstawic plan
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lay sth out
In April, Poland approved a long-waited draft of the law that laid out new long-term subsidies for renewable energy, aiming to cut costs for consumers as well as help meet EU climate tergets.

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