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If you say that food or drink will put hair on someone's chest, you mean that the food will make them strong and healthy or that the drink is very alcoholic.
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to put hairs on one's chest
Come on! Have some doughnuts, they will put hairs on your chest.
To look at or read in a cursory manner.
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to run one's eye over
I didn't read this manual carefully, I just ran my eye over it.
To look shabby due to a lack of money
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to look down at heel
This restaurant looks rather down at heel, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to eat here.
To help someone to be more successful.
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to give someone a leg up
It gives one a leg up if one wants to become a doctor and has a doctor in the family.
To be punished or severely criticized.
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to get it in the neck
I really got it in the neck when I hit my little brother.
To have the power to do what you want.
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to have a free hand
I'm interested in the final result, you have free hand in everything else.
To annoy someone.
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to get up sb's nose
My father hates me singing, it really gets up his nose.
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