Touristic spots in Slovakia

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Bratislava is historical and largest city in Slovakia. The youngest European metropolis has a lot to offer, from history and culture to any recreation. Bratislava is the right place for starting a vacation throughout Slovakia. If you only have one day for this city spend it in beautiful historical Old Town, full of small parks with fountains and cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating.
Bratislava Castle
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Bratislava Castle a historic dominant of the capital city, it is situated above the Danube river. The caste has a regular quadrangular ground-plan with characteristics of Renaissance and early Baroque. One of the most important building reforms of the castle were taken by the empress Marie Therese. Even though Bratislava Castle burnt down in 1811, it was reconstructed and open to public in 1968.
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One of the most visited places in Slovakia. Bojnice is a spa town in central Slovakia about 1 km west from Prievidza on the right bank of the Nitra river. The most important building here is the oldest and most remarkable castle of Slovakia – Bojnice Castle. Its expositions and numerous events bring visitors from all around.
The most popular event is a Ghost festival, enjoyed by children as well as adults. Right in front of the castle’s entrance is standing six hundred years old lime-tree of king Matej, with a perimeter of 12.5 meters.
High Tatras
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High Tatras are the most beautiful Slovak mountains that attracts a lot of people. Their high peaks and spectacular mountain lakes makes it the most famous tourist destination offering the nature. Great place for ski-alpinists in winter and hikers in summer.
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With the population of 240 000 it is the second largest city in Slovakia. Košice is the first European city, which obtained its own armorial list, and in 2013 it was the European Capital of Culture. In the city centre you can find St. Elisabeth Cathedral, the one thing you must see when visiting Košice. Completed in 16th century, it is the easternmost Gothic church in Europe and the biggest cathedral of Slovakia.
Spissky Castle
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Terrific and monumental structure of this castle is one of its kind in Europe. Spissky Castle stretches within the area of four hectares, therefore it belongs among the greatest castle complexes in Europe. It has been registered in the UNESCO the World's Cultural and Natural Heritage.
Orava Castle
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Orava castle is situates on a rock above Orava river. The castle was built in the 13th century in the Kingdom of Hungary. By taking journey in the castle you will be able to see historical, archaeological and natural history exhibition. Besides the castle, there is also magnificent chapel, which is part of the castle is worth to see.
Demanovska cave of Liberty
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The cave is the most visited cave in Slovakia opened to public. Demanovska cave of Liberty will fascinate you with its sinter filling with variety of colors. Inside the cave you will also see amazing internal lakes, around which are unique sinter water-lilies.
Ochtinska aragonite cave
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Ochtinska aragonite cave is the only one of its kind in Europe, there are only two more aragonite caves in the world. The cave was discovered by accident in 1954 and 230m out of its total length 300m has been accessible to public. The decoration of the cave creates three different old generation of aragonite with the oldest minerals estimated to be up to 140 000 years old.
Low Tatras
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If you like hiking, the National Park Low Tatras is a place you want to go. Its magnificent nature and views of the peaks of the High Tatras mountains makes it the best hiking place on Slovakia.
Slovak paradise
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The Slovak paradise mountain range in Spiš region is characterized by its rugged terrain. There are many valleys, canyons, gulches and caves. The most beautiful cave there is Dobšinská Ice Cave fully formed by ice.
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The town in the North-Eastern Slovakia is one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. The town is surrounded by walls date from the 14th and 15th centuries. Just few kilometers from the city is the spa town Bardejovske Kupele, known for therapeutic mineral water springs beneficial for people with blood circulation, oncological and digestive tract problems.
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Čičmany is a municipality and a small village in the Žilina Region. It is known as the first folk architecture reserve in the world.
Domica cave
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Domica is the most famous and longest cave of the Slovak Kras National Park. In addition to significant geomorphological values, attention is drawn to rare archaeological finds, the rich occurrence of sinter shields and numerous species of bats.
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Piešťany is the well-known town around the world. It got famous by occurrence sulphuric mud and geothermal water with healing effects on inflammatory illnesses. Piešťany offers many events to visitors like Piešťany music festival, Country dock, Organ days or International rowing regatta.

Visiting Slovakia

Planning a trip to Slovakia and you are not sure which places worth a visit? Are you curious what Slovakia flag represents? We prepared few flashcards with the most famous touristic spots you should not miss out.

Touristic spots in Slovakia

First thing first capital of Slovakia - Bratislava the modern city on Danube river has a lot to offer. From historical Old Town to outstanding gastronomy, culture and arts, even the night life. You can also visit Bratislava Castle or Devín castle in the capital city area. Slovakia has a lot to offer for any interests and activities. Country in the heart of Europe has breath-taking nature, many national parks and stunning caves. Summer makes a great time for hiking in those beautiful mountains and your skiing adventures will be fulfilled in winter time. Once in nature, you must go to Ochtinska aragonite cave, which is the only one of its kind in Europe. Other caves like Demanovska cave of Liberty or Domica cave are beautiful as well.

Why visit Slovakia

Apart from the nature, one thing that is almost necessary if you want to have that Slovak experience is to try a Slovak food and drinks. Slovakia is great place for a weekend getaway, hiking trips, or wellness.

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