Basic Russian - personal pronouns

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Pytanie Odpowiedź
I love roses.
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Я люблю розы.
Do you drink milk?
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Вы - formal
Ты пьёшь молоко?
He never listened to rock.
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Он никогда не слушал рок.
She adores her husband.
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Она обожает своего мужа.
Is it open? (the window)
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Оно открыто? (окно)
We love dancing.
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Мы любим танцевать.
Are you two dating?
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Вы встречаетесь?
They are a great family.
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Они - прекрасная семья.

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VocApp is the perfect platform to learn Russian! The flashcard method we use has been proved to be very effective in learning and remembering Russian words, including the pronouns in Russian! The free Russian lessons we create include basic Russian phrases and basic Russian words, for example, pronouns in Russian, for you to start speaking Russian. Each of the lessons presents the most useful Russian vocabulary chosen by our professional linguists or the native speakers. This time, you will learn the pronouns in Russian. Start learning Russian right now with VocApp!

Russian personal pronouns

This free Russian lesson will help you master the nominative pronouns in Russian and their Russian pronunciation. Here are some examples of Russian personal pronouns:
  • 1. я = I
  • 2. она = she
  • 3. он = he
  • 4. вы = you
  • 5. мы = we
The personal pronouns in Russian are used instead of nouns. If you will learn these personal pronouns in Russian, it will be easier for you to form your first Russian sentences. Moreover, these pronouns in Russian will help you learn the possessive pronouns faster and differentiate a singular and plural pronoun. If you ever wondered how is we in russian, or any other pronoun in Russian - now you will learn it! After this free Russian lesson, you can proceed to learning Russian pronouns for all the cases and mastering more advanced topics!

Russian for beginners

There are many free Russian lessons you can find on VocApp beside this lesson on pronouns in Russian! If you're interested to learn the basic Russian, the seasons and months in Russian, the numbers that you will need to tell the time, love phrases in Russian, and much more - you can find all that on VocApp! There's no need to look for other resources, we gathered the most useful things in our flashcards lessons! Now that you'll know the pronouns in Russian, you can start learning the Russian terms for family or how to count with the lessons Basic Russian - family and Basic Russian - numbers. Learn Russian online with VocApp and impress the natives with your language knowledge!

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