Hardest Russian words to pronounce

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to correspond
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tourist attraction
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your highness
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to improve
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expert, skilled
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who runned out
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also: to date

Should I learn Russian?

If you're still thinking if you should start learning Russian or not, here are some facts to motivate you:
  • 1. It is one of the most spoken languages worldwide.
  • 2. Some of the most beautiful literature masterpieces are written in Russian.
  • 3. It is the language of the largest country in the world, an important economic and political power.
  • 4. Russian is part of the Slavic family, which means that learning Russian will make it easy to learn Ukrainian or Belarusian.
  • 5. The Cyrillic alphabet is formed of 33 letters. As long as you learn them, it will be easier for you to write and read.
Continue reading and you'll discover why Russian isn't as hard to learn as you think! Master the hardest Russian words to make it easy to pronounce the basic Russian words!

How hard is Russian?

Many of the learners that are at the start of their path look for an answer to this question and many of those who already know Russian will differ in their opinions. There are some aspects that make learning Russian easier than you think. One of them is the phonetic alphabet, you don't need to remember hard pronunciation rules that exist in other languages. The hardest Russian words are pronounced exactly how they are written, which is a huge plus! A part of the letters are similar to English, the rest will take some time to be learned but once you do it, you will be able to read and write even the hardest Russian words. The rules of Russian grammar are very precise and universal. One of the hardest thing for foreigners is the Russian pronunciation because the hardest Russian words are usually made of more consonants than vowels, that is why we've prepared this free Russian lesson. So, if you're wondering "Is Russian a hard language to learn?" - we believe it is a challenge, but definitely not the hardest one!

How to pronounce the hardest Russian words?

This free Russian lesson will introduce you to some of the hardest words to spell in Russian. The lector will help you with the pronunciation example and you can continue practising by repeating the hardest Russian words. This lesson of difficult words to pronounce is a perfect way to master the spelling of the Russian alphabet and the hardest Russian words. We are sure that after this lesson, the hardest Russian words will seem much easier and their pronunciation will be simple. These hardest Russian words are also a good vocabulary and memory exercise! If you're interested in more lessons on learning Russian, the Russian culture and traditions and free basic Russian lessons, we have everything prepared on our site! Besides this hardest Russian words lesson, we can propose you other great lessons! For example, the Basic Russian - introducing yourself lesson will teach you basic Russian vocabulary and how to introduce yourself, while the Basic Russian - greetings lesson will teach you the greetings in Russian. For advanced Russian, check out the Greatest Russian novels of all time lesson that will present you some of the masterpieces of the Russian literature. Learn Russian with VocApp to achieve fast results!

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