International law

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part of a country surrounded by land territory of another one
There are almost 100 recognized enclaves in the world.
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a type of formal agreement between states on particular matters
The European Convention of Human Rights was drafted by the Council of Europe.
peremptory norm
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a fundamental principle of international law recognized by international community
may be named as jus cogens
The catalogue of peremptory norms includes slavery and piracy ban.
boundary treaty
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a formal agreement settling border disputes between the neighbours
The parties still have to sign boundary treaty to finalize the peace process.
to codify
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to write something down as a legal rule
The parties decided to codify all of the rules concerning cooperation in the outer space.
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a condition of being a state
History of US statehood has begin in the 18th century.
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an act of ceding land or a property to another country
Cession of Alaska happened in 1867.
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