Most common nouns 51 - 100

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a vehicle / machine people drive to get to some places faster than when walking
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a meeting of people where they can talk, cheer, sometimes dance, eat and drink
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when two parties do not agree on something and they decide to fight against each other using military arms
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a) the ability to do something, especially in the political context b) energy used to make devices work e.g. electrical power
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a person whom you trust and may tell all your secrets to
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a group of rules regulating the way people should act
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the action of helping someone, often in exchange for money
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The definition of a noun

Many people who start learning English want to know what are nouns. The definition of nouns says that a noun is a word that names a person, thing, place or idea. Nouns refer to animate and inanimate things, as well as to living or non-living ones. This list of 100 most common nouns that you can find in this lesson and the others was created for you to learn the main nouns in English and to enhance your English vocabulary.

Learn this list of nouns

It is important to learn nouns because they are the subjects of sentences and no sentence can be complete without a noun. These 100 most common nouns will help you with expressing yourself and naming the things that surround you. Also, these 100 most common nouns will help you talk very specifically about things and people. Learn the 100 most common nouns to know the main words in English! Do it instead of focusing on a long list of nouns. Learning this specific list of 100 most common nouns will be a good use of time. You can learn these 100 most common nouns really easily and efficiently with our fun flashcards! Repeat these 100 most common nouns so they become a part of your active English vocabulary.

Master the list of 100 most common nouns

There are different types of nouns in English: collective, compound, abstract, concrete and non-countable nouns. This list includes 50 of 100 most common nouns includes different types of nouns. Learn these 100 most common nouns to enhance your English vocabulary! Here are some examples of 100 most common nouns:
  • 1. history = what happened in the past
  • 2. girl = a young female
  • 3. air = a gaseous substance that surrounds the earth
  • 4. result = a consequence of something
  • 5. teacher = a person who helps others acquire knowledge
There is much more to learn besides these examples of nouns! Master these nouns and proceed to the other lessons with common nouns: Most common nouns 101 - 150, Most common nouns 151 - 200 and Most common nouns 201 - 250. Continue conquering the English language with VocApp to achieve great success!

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