słownik arabsko - angielski

العربية - English

ثعلب po angielsku:

1. fox fox

Fox missed a chance to be a movie star.
I saw a fox run across the road just now.
That fox must have killed the hen.
I don't like him because he is sly as a fox.
It is said that the fox is more cunning than any other animal.
The tail of a fox is longer than that of a rabbit.
A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal.
Farmers hate foxes.
Long long ago in India, a monkey, a fox, and a rabbit lived happily together.
There is no such thing as a naïve fox, nor a man without faults.
Every fox praises its tail.
We saw a big brown fox
There are two kinds of fox spirits: good fox and bad fox.
Did you notice that a fox family were running?
The three animals tried to help the old man, the monkey using its ability to climb to collect fruit and nuts, and the fox catching fish in the stream to bring to him.