słownik niemiecko - angielski

Deutsch - English

sprechen po angielsku:

1. militate militate

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2. speak speak

I speak Swedish.
Men differ from other animals in that they can think and speak.
A great crowd waited for the president to speak.
I want to learn to speak Hawaiian, so I can impress my girlfriend.
Some non-native speakers think they speak the language better than native speakers.
When in Ukraine, I always speak Ukrainian.
Why is it you can write a letter in English this well, but can't speak it?
Dr. Zamenhof believed that a language belongs to the people who speak it which is why he never copyrighted Esperanto.
I get nervous when I speak before a large audience.
When speaking to an international audience, it is perhaps best to speak English a little slower than usual.
I'm going to speak to you with utmost candor so I want you to take everything I'm about to say at face value.
Speak up!
I'm a foreigner and I don't know Czech very well. Please, speak slowly.
Speak to Lizzy about it yourself.
If you can't visit a country where they speak the language you are learning, find a local bar where native speakers of that language hang out and start hanging out there.

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