słownik francusko - angielski

Français - English

neveu po angielsku:

1. nephew nephew

Andrew's nephew is ten.
Tom is Mary's nephew.
All her money went to her nephew.
My nephew was excused because of his youth.
His nephew was brought up to be modest and considerate.
His nephew was absorbed in the splendid fireworks.
My nephew was accustomed to sitting up late.
My nephew seldom puts his things in order.
Why does your nephew never reply to emails?
Sometimes we go for walks with the niece and nephew.
Bruno Senna nephew of the legendary Ayrton is Lotus's reserve driver.
My nephew Harry is two years old and he makes my sister tired!
Today is my nephew's 18th birthday. I am going to my sister; s placein the evening to give him a present.
My nephew will have a baby brother or sister soon when my sister gives birth.
Her nephew is coming to stay with her for the summer holidays.

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