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nez po angielsku:

1. nose nose

She thinks she's better than other people and always looks down her nose at them.
His nose bled.
If her nose were a little shorter, she would be quite pretty.
In addition to a blocked nose, I'm also suffering from a high temperature.
It was determined that the picking of one's nose is a completely normal act for adolescent boys.
Yeah, I've always thought it's as plain as the nose on your face.
For detecting drugs or hidden explosives, there's no technology that can match a dog's nose.
What happened to your nose? "When I was backing my car up I went to check behind me, convinced that the car window was open, and bashed my face into it!"
My nose is really big, and it's crooked as well.
I met an ear nose and throat doctor at a party on Sunday.
Throat and nose membranes hurt by dry air allow cold viruses to enter more easily. It is important to carry out sensible counter plans against the cold with heaters and against the dryness with humidifiers.
I glared briefly in the referee's direction but he was putting on a calm face while picking his nose. "Dammit, the fight's a fixup!?"
At school I had enjoyed reading Japanese literature in English translation, in particular Soseki's I am a Cat and Kokoro, and Akutagawa's The Nose and Kappa.
нос к носу; Зима на носу|face to face (nose to nose); Winter is coming (is on the nose)
Pinocchio says: "Now my nose will grow."

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