słownik francusko - angielski

Français - English

seize po angielsku:

1. sixteen

Even though Tom is only sixteen, he looks like he's over twenty.
She read the book once when she was sixteen.
Tom began living by himself at the age of sixteen.
In 1964, Roger Miller agreed to record sixteen songs. One of those songs was "Dang Me." It became his first number one selling record.
How old are you? "I'm sixteen."
When I was sixteen, I played tennis for the first time.
I'm sixteen.
Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty.
Linda is sixteen, but had no trouble passing for twenty.
In Spanish six has no accent, but sixteen has one.
Now you are sixteen, you should know better.
Two is the fourth root of sixteen.
If she is sixteen, she can’t vote.
I live at number sixteen.
Children of age sixteen and under will not be admitted to the theatre.

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