słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

aport po angielsku:

1. fetch

Please fetch me a piece of paper.
Throw a stick and watch the dog fetch it.
fetch a ladder
Fetch it and put it on the fire.
As a young boy on winter mornings, he would have to go out to a frozen lake in minus thirty degree celsius weather and make a hole in the ice to fetch water for the family.
The dog fetched a ball.
Then he called the hospital and told them to come and fetch his boy.
play fetch with my dog!
I'm telling you, his old car won't fetch a red cent.
Hunting dogs are trained to fetch. The house fetched more than we expected.
Konokko, fetch him.
A dog likes to fetch a stick its owner.
A dog fetches a ball. An example of to fetch is a dog going after a ball to bring it back to the person who threw it.
She’s been ​teaching the ​dog to fetch. The ​collection of ​paintings fetched over a million ​dollars.
I left my keys on the table; could you fetch them for me?

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