słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

głośno po angielsku:

1. vociferously vociferously

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2. aloud

The author read aloud from his new book.
I could not stop myself from crying aloud.
He makes it a rule to read aloud every day.
read aloud
‘What am I going to do?’ she wondered aloud.
You ought to read English aloud.
Perry has acquired the habit of thinking aloud.
He thought to himself, "No!" Aloud he said, "Yes."
Mayuko cried aloud.
Please read it aloud so that everyone can hear.
He said "NO" to himself. He said "YES" aloud.
Reading aloud was a great effort to him.
Sitting in her panther hide chair, the young woman, clad in red lingerie, was reading aloud a book titled "The Black Princess".
I read the play aloud so that I could memorize all the lines.
My mother always used to read aloud to me in the evenings.

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3. loudly

She speaks loudly.
When the rock singer appeared on the stage, the audience at the concert clapped loudly.
She managed to scare off her attacker by screaming loudly.
I would scream very loudly if I saw a scorpion in my room.
Taking no notice of the people around them, the boys talked loudly to each other.
Would you please stop singing so loudly? This is not a cheap drinking place.
I wish Tom wouldn't sing so loudly late at night.
This is not some cheap Izakaya, so we don't accept that customers sing loudly.
The telephone on my desk rang persistently and loudly.
He's talking so loudly that we're going to get in trouble.
Crying loudly, the little girl hurried to the door.
Xiaoli often loses sleep because his neighbours are always arguing loudly.
These young people are talking loudly amongst themselves and have absolutely no regard for those around them.
I can't stand people talking loudly on their phones when I'm trying to read.
Seagulls cause all types of disturbances by cackling loudly, spreading guano, tearing up garbage bags and attacking to get food.

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4. noisily

She speaks noisily.
The son demonstrated his anger by shutting the door and noisily.

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5. out loud

say it out loud
I'll read this out loud to you.

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6. resoundingly

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7. louden

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8. noisy

I told the children to be quiet, but they just kept on being noisy.
It's a small noisy apartment, but it's where I live and I call it home.
I never dreamed of there being such a quiet place in this noisy city.
noisy ​neighbours
The turkeys in my grandfather's farm are very noisy, I can't wait for them to get eaten.
Today, people all over the world are moving out of small villages in the country to go and live in big, noisy cities.
Of those on the loud side, some people say they look like they're briskly working, while others say that they're just noisy.
I'm getting sick and tired of Ms Maruta and her noisy friends.
You noisy children will be chucked off by the driver.
When the plane eventually landed in London, I found myself at a noisy and crowded airport.
You should avoid noisy places, they cause headache.
Many people think that it is good to let children be noisy in public.
A crowd of noisy protesters gathered in the square. We've had problems with noisy neighbours.
Such a noisy environment was not conducive to a good night's sleep.