słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. shot

What do you think about this shot?
play a tennis shot
strzelać, strzelić
the view of something in a film or television programme that is produced by having the camera in a particular position

3000 słów angielskich (cz.2)
1 miesiąc angielski II
Longman B2 Bank słów: człowiek, dom
matura Masters Pre-intermediate, MACMILLAN

2. yell

There is no need to yell, I can hear you well.
Why was mum yelling at you?
he yelled at children to stop messing arround.
when someone yelled his name and he turned. “Harry! HARRY!”
‘I’ll do it!’ he yelled.

Enterprise początek
gsce english
Słówka 11-17.12
January 2018
Słownictwo maturalne "CZŁOWIEK"

3. scream

We heard a terrible scream.
You scream like a baby.
krzyk, wrzask
she screamed at the sight of spider.
they could hear him screaming in pain

Upper-intermediate 1
SpeakOut semestr I
1.1 Appearance and personality (B2-C1)
part 08052012
Królewna Śnieżka

4. shout at

Don't shout at me
Parents sometimes shout at their children.
Two women were shouting at each other outside the supermarket.

preposition D-Z
Druga cześć czasowników str 2014-215
Szkoła unit 1
Unit 1 (In our classroom)

5. screaming

I've heard somebody screaming.
I've heard somebony screaming.

IntermediatePlus 1-6
English lesson 2
Fiszki z książki - "The Light Princess" (George Ma...
Im number 4 chapter 13

6. shut out

The thick glass windows shut out most of the traffic noise.

Moja lekcja 2
How to get out alive

7. cry

[krʌɪ] kraj
krzyk, jęk
she cried her children

Unit 3 - słownictwo
Unit 3 słówka 1

8. yell out

They yelled out for help but could not be heard.

angielski ogólny

9. exclaim

"How terrible!" she exclaimed.
He exclaimed that it was useless.
It’s a success. He exclaimed that it was a success.
Then my son suddenly exclaimed: 'Oh my God!'
‘Wow!’ Bill exclaimed. ‘You look beautiful!’

English Matters by Mr Pruszyński 2
Moja lekcja 2

10. to shriek

I always close my eyes, when a little girl in a horror movie starts to shriek.
I knew I'd win shrieked Kasia excitedly
The maid shrieked when she discovered the corpse.
[verb] - to shout in a loud high voice because you are frightened, surprised or excited
an alarm shrieked in your head

Ways of walking
Eric Pratchett