słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

miód po angielsku:

1. honey honey

Bees make honey.
Honey, will you go shopping for me?
He turned the bottle upside down and shook it, but still the honey wouldn't come out.
Add the honey, lemon juice, chopped almonds and the chopped apples.
How much honey do you use for this pastry?
Hawaii's really the land of milk and honey.
Sorry honey, I'm still stuck at the office.
Honey, come to bed. "No, not yet. I still have to translate some sentences on Tatoeba."
Honey in the mouth and poison in the heart.
Bill uses the honey from his bees in the cakes that he makes.
Has the quality of honey got anything to do with the size of the bees?
When you're sick, drink some warm milk with honey, it should help.
Would you like some honey on your yoghurt?
Sorry honey, there's just no way I can take a whole evening of cocktail party chitchat.

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2. mead mead

The American anthropologist Margaret Mead once said that one should never underestimate what a small group of dedicated people can accomplish.

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