słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

obowiązkowy po angielsku:

1. obligatory

This task is obligatory.
Do you think military service should be obligatory?
All subjects on the list are obligatory, you can choose extra subjects to study on top of them.
This insurance is obligatory
is english your optional subject or obligatory?
obligatory book
It isn’t obligatory to stay. Let’s go home.
Which subjects are obligatory?
Going to school is obligatory for all children
Wearing safety shoes is obligatory.
The attendance is obligatory.
If school wasn't obligatory, I would stop going there.
Presence of all members is obligatory.

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2. compulsory

Because education is not compulsory in all countries, there are many children who do not attend school.
Attendance is compulsory.
He regards so-called compulsory education as useless.
In Japan, attendance at elementary and junior high school is compulsory.
compulsory military service
He began to resent the compulsory attendance at the boring factory meetings
Do you think P.E. lessons should be optional or compulsory?
The course was compulsory, so John had to take it.
Education is compulsory until 18 or 19 in many countries.
When I was at school it was compulsory to wear school uniforms.
All employers must undergo compulsory drug tests.
I am in favour of compulsory voting.
School uniform is no longer compulsory in many British schools.
My country had a compulsory six-month quarantine period for domestic pets.

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3. mandatory

A cooking course should be mandatory in schools.
The mandatory character of schooling is rarely analyzed in the multitude of works dedicated to the study of the various ways to develop within children the desire to learn.
The mandatory audit rules for small companies have been abolished; the rules are now voluntary.
It's mandatory for cyclist to wear helmets.
The definition of mandatory is something that is required.
Military service is mandatory for all men over the age of 20 in Turkey except the ill, disabled or homosexual ones. / Following lobbying by Ms. Merkel, the EU Commission announced it wanted 160,000 refugees distributed around Europe by mandatory quotas.
Things should not be forced upon you........ made mandatory........
By a mandate contract, the mandatory obliges himself to perform a specified legal act for the mandator.
mandatory evacuation
attending school is mandatory until the age of 16
It should be clear that the curriculum reform is mandatory in order to enhance interdisciplinary research.
Age discrimination is illegal and retirement is mandatory in only a few occupations.

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4. conscientious

A conscientious teacher may feel inclined to take work home.
I'm conscientious - I always do my homework.
However, for conscientious MEPs and those in the non-attached group, it is a nightmare.
Though Alfred is scrupulous in fulfilling his duties at work, he is less conscientious about his obligations at home.
I'm diligent but not always conscientious. Sometimes I complete task inaccurate and in a slipshod manner
a conscientious worker
She's a conscientious judge, who does not let personal prejudices influence her decisions
He's maybe not our brightest employee, but certainly a conscientious one.
In either case he always answered them, for he was conscientious.
Sharon works very hard and is conscientious.
Miss Dorota is the most conscientious worker in our company.
I know we can rely on them to get the job finished on time. They are very conscientious.
She's so conscientious-she learns everyday!
She's very thorough and conscientious. / a conscientious student/teacher/worker
At the end, the conscientious girl gave up with her English homework, and started to revise her list of Ainu words.

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5. dutiful

He is a dutiful, he do everything that he should do in his position or job

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