słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

olśniewający po angielsku:

1. gorgeous

What a gorgeous sunset! Let's hang around for a couple of minutes and watch it.
Let me introduce my gorgeous assistant, Miss Van Eyck.
Oh, it's gorgeous.
There's still light in the sky, but it takes on a gorgeous blue gradation.
When she saw the gorgeous coat, Julie decided to buy it.
Isn't he gorgeous? - So tall and smart-looking.
I was just admiring your roses. They're absolutely gorgeous. "Oh, I'm flattered. Thank you."
That's a gorgeous color. What kind of beer is that?
As he looked through the store window, Dima's eyes widened as they fell upon a gorgeous black suit, and then widened even more when he noticed the 3,000,000.99 BYR price tag.
The weather was gorgeous for three days but then become a little cloudy.
She wore a gorgeous red and gold silk sari to the party.
Marilyn Monroe is considered one of the most gorgeous film stars.
This gorgeous man was actually interested in her.
someone or something that is gorgeous is extremely enjoyable, beautiful, or attractive
Carlo is gorgeous – has he got a girlfriend?

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2. stunning

You are stunning.
His mother is quite a stunning woman.
The male bird has a stunning tail that can grow to 60 cm in length.
This dress is stunning. You look like a princess.
Have you seen Curtis's new girlfriend? I have. She looks stunning.
stunning views over the city She's stunning.
- If Keira Knightley asked me out, I would break up with my girlfriend. She is stunning! - Good for you it is never going to happen...
Well-Well, I'm sure you'll look stunning. / 2. You're amazing, and you look stunning. / 3. You look stunning as always.
extremely impressive or attractive. lovely, delightful, extraordinary. The mountains surrounding Bern also add up to a stunning panorama
His performance was simply stunning. He suffered a stunning defeat in the election.
From the top of the castle there was a stunning view of the valley.
stunning girl
Both ​daughters are ​absolutely stunning. / She ​looked stunning in that ​red ​dress. / The ​view from ​our ​room is stunning.
1. I will continue to bring you more of the details... of this stunning story as it unfolds. 2. See Astronaut Jeff Williams’. Most Stunning Photos of Earth From Space
This is a visually stunning epic.

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3. resplendent

A good place, a resplendent day, why should any man slip away and run from it?

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4. glamorous

She's a glamorous girl.
Tutoring has become a glamorous profession.
When they dressed me up and made me so glamorous, I was shocked.
Welcome to Cannes, the most glamorous film festival in the world.
The glamorous Hollywood film star appeared, wrapped in diamonds and fur.
She was ​looking very glamorous.
Emilio’s assistant mentioned the names of some particularly glamorous actresses
The house's interior was never glamorous, say people who have been inside.
You always looks so glamorous. How long does it take you to get ready?
She led an exciting and glamorous life.
Well, he thought, at 24 a lot of things still seem glamorous.
she is on of the most glamorous girl
Show business is really glamorous.
Many years ago flying used to be glamorous. Now it's just a pain in the neck!

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5. glamours

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6. dazzling

The noonday sun beat down with dazzling brightness on the tennis court.
a dazzling white light
Despite your own dazzling performance.
dazzling metamorphosis of poor Bottom
Marsha shut her eyes against the dazzling sun.
the skater's dazzling virtuosic leaps
It was a dazzling display/performance
San Francisco is a dazzling city on the central coast of California.
dazzling good looks a dazzling smile; a dazzling performance/display
extremely good and exciting olśniewający a dazzling display/performance
She has a dazzling smile.
I fell in love with her dazzling smile.
The candidates to become leader of the Labour Party in Britain in 2015 lost to Jeremy Corbyn not because he is a dazzling political talent so much as because they were indistinguishably bland.
It was as gloomy inside the mansion as the sunlight was dazzling outside.

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