słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

praktykant po angielsku:

1. trainee trainee

She's a trainee.
A management trainee is an individual who undergoes training for managerial or supervisory positions. A management trainee program is the best way to prepare employees to become managers in the future.
John is working as a trainee to gain valuable work experience.
We have a new trainee in a team.
He first worked for the company as a trainee in 1955.
Kate is a trainee nurse and today she is at the hospital to watch and learn.
There were many trainees in the restaurant.
train -> trainee
If you have any questions ask me or the trainee.
Only a few new trainees are knowledgeable.
It’s always cheaper to get your hair cut by a trainee.
The trainee could hardly bear the burden of the task.
Because the new trainee did things sluggishly, he was told that he'd be fired if he didn't start taking his job seriously.

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2. apprentice apprentice

She works in the hairdresser's as an apprentice.
This mostly concerns apprentices and other youngsters on the job market.
I was an apprentice
an apprentice electrician/chef/plumber
An apprentice works supervised at work an learns on the job.
I started off as an apprentice and worked my way up.
After the death of his parents, Michael served as an apprentice to a merchant.
He, as a student, applied for a position in a big company and became an apprentice there.
And of course, she was too old to be an apprentice.
He has worked as an apprentice for a year in our company.
A: And this is my apprentice. I look after him and train him. K: Hi I'm Karol Kraszewski and I also come from Poland. I learn on the job.
He's your senior fellow apprentice.

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3. intern intern

We need to find an intern to the office.
We must ensure we do not exploit our interns – they should feel that their time with us has been interesting and enjoyable; not stressful and unpleasant.

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